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Aunt-Uncle DNA Testing (Avuncular Testing)

The aunt-uncle DNA test (or avuncular test) will determine whether a genetic relationship exists between an aunts and/or uncles and their niece and/or nephew. The cost of an aunt uncle DNA test is $299.

Aunt or uncle DNA testing is an alternative to paternity testing when the alleged father of a child is unavailable for the test. Comparing the DNA of the child to that of their aunts or uncles can help confirm whether they are blood relatives. If the child is unrelated to their uncles and aunts, it indicates that the child's father is also not the child's biological father.

As with all relationship DNA testing, the inclusion of the sample of the other known parent (usually the Mother) is recommended to strengthen the results. The result of the test indicates the probability of relationship; we normally take 80%>  to indicate the existence of a relationship and 20%> to indicate there is no biological relationship.

Ordering and pricing information for aunt-uncle test

Avuncular testing is priced from $299. This includes the analysis of one alleged aunt/uncle and one nephew/niece. Results are normally sent by email within 3-5 working days from when the samples are received at the laboratory. For faster results, an express option is also available.

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DNA Testing between male relatives

You may want consider other relationship testing options depending what exactly you wish to know and the sex of the people involved.  The Y chromosome test can accurately confirm if two or more males share a common male lineage. The Y test is priced at 299$ for the testing of two males.

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