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Fatal Hit-and-Run Case of Police Officer Solved with DNA Test

Posted on | September 13, 2013 | Comments Off

Daryl Raetz

Daryl Raetz

According to police reports released this past Friday, July 19t, 2013, a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run crime resulting in the death of Phoenix Police Office Darryl Raetz, 29, has been charged following DNA tests on vehicle.  The crime occurred at 3:30am on May 19th, 2013, when Officer Raetz was stopped on his motorcycle with a suspected drunk driver.  The suspect, 24 year-old Jesus Cabrera Molina swiped the police officer while driving past, killing the officer and then fleeing the scene.

The unique evidence in this case successfully tying the suspect to the crime is DNA.  Just a few hours after the officer was killed, an APB (All Points Bulletin) out for a large green SUV resulted in officers stopping the green Ford Expedition of Molina.  Upon inspection of the vehicle’s condition, officers suspected there was frontal damage consistent with a strike which may have been related to the hit-and-run crime.

Officer’s DNA found on vehicle of suspect

Upon reviewing the vehicle for damage, officers arrested Molina on suspicion of hit-and-run and towed the vehicle to the Phoenix Police crime laboratory.  Later DNA testing revealed the biological samples extracted from the damaged bumper of Molina’s vehicle were those of the fallen Phoenix police officer.

Molina was immediately booked on charges of manslaughter and also for fleeing the scene of a fatal accident, an additional charge.  Molina is being held currently with no bail and will face a pre-trial arraignment later this summer in August.

More evidence against Molina

While DNA evidence in the case seems to show clearly Molina’s vehicle was the one which struck and killed officer Raetz, more evidence against the suspect has been collected.  Friends of Molina have given statements that place Molina and an unidentified friend partying late into the night just a few blocks from where the crime occurred.

Another Phoenix police officer, Tolleson, identified the suspect’s vehicle and driver as Molina, crossing an intersection at 5:10 or 5:20am, less than two hours after the crash.

Additional investigation since the arrest has shown that not only is Molina the registered owner of the Ford Expedition, he also has cell phone calls tracing him near to where the accident occurred just after 3:30am.

Tracking a killer with DNA

Using DNA testing technology is certainly nothing new these days for police investigators looking for their suspect. Such cases as the Meredith Kercher case relied on the analysis of forensic evidence but in this special case, it was heavily criticised and shoddily done – why not continue reading about this.

This case attracted media attention across the country however due to the fact that crime was solved almost immediately and that the vehicle- not the suspect- carried the condemning biological material.

This is the first time in Phoenix where a hit-and-run accident was successfully closed using DNA evidence.  By quickly identifying the vehicle type of the assailant, investigators were able to capture the suspect’s vehicle before DNA material was potentially degraded or cleaned by the perpetrator.  In many cases a vehicle is suspected of being involved in an accident and fleeing the scene, however due to too much time passing before apprehension the suspect has already thoroughly cleaned the vehicle of evidence.

Christmas is round the corner – Need ideas for the perfect gift?

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Finding the right present can be very challenging, especially when your loved one seems to have it all! easyDNA has ideal solutions for fun, memorable and completely unique gifts. Did you know that your DNA holds a vast wealth of knowledge that can be used to discover more about your past or even your future? Here are some great ideas that make wonderful Christmas or Birthday presents:

  • For the History Lover: Ancestry DNA testing allows you to discover your bloodline history dating back thousands of years! With just a simple mouth swab, your DNA profile is used to make connections with known historic populations and various anthropological regions around the globe. Tap into fascinating information and learn more about your ancestors’ movements throughout the ages and which haplogroup they belonged to. Three ancestry services available: Ancestral Origins, Maternal Lineage or Paternal Lineage.
  • For the Art Buff: Imagine a custom made design created using your very own genetic code! Using the DNA profile extracted from an oral swab sample a personalised DNA art piece is created, customisable by colour, media and size. It doesn’t get any better than this!
  • For the health conscious: easyDNA’s Genetic Predisposition Health test for disease. This innovative test allows the participant to take control of their health by discovering their genetic risk towards over 25 different conditions and diseases. By finding out which disease/s you are at a high risk towards developing, you can take steps such as improved health and lifestyle choices, implementing an exercise plan, as well as more regular health screening for certain conditions.

Giving one of these gifts is easy, all you need to do is contact easyDNA, place your order and a DNA home testing kit will be sent directly to the recipient. Make this Christmas gift a truly imaginative one by giving your loved one the gift of knowledge.

Enter our COMPETITION WORTH 195$ – Win your own DNA Profile!

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We all know by now that our DNA is unique – this is how DNA testing helps to differentiate individuals but also provide confirmation of relationships. You have also seen the results of a DNA profile on CSI…..

Why not get the chance to have your own DNA profile presented to you in art form worth absolutely for FREE! You won’t need to spend a cent!

All you have to do is to click on one of the buttons shown by the arrows above and then enter your own personal details for the draw. The competition will run until the 31st October. If you are the lucky winner we will advise you via email and then forward you our sample collection kit so that you can follow the procedure to collect your sample. ITS THAT SIMPLE!

To see what the result looks like visit our iGel Personal DNA Art page for more information.

easyDNA is an international provider of DNA testing services – all our testing is performed through an AABB and ISO17025 accredited laboratory for your complete peace of mind!

 * All personal information obtained will not be used for any marketing purposes or provided to related and unrelated third party organisations.

easyDNA launches it’s Facebook Page

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Facebook is great opportunity for corporate social networking and easyDNA, an international DNA testing company, has ceased this opportunity and launched its very own Facebook page. The power of social networking allows easyDNA to connect with all its clients and customers, answer their queries, provide updates and even hold discussions.

Facebook has become many people’s internet home. Take some time to visit easyDNA’s Facebook page and click the below link:


Just one little thing: it would be great to have you on our friend list, so just click the ADD Friend button and send us a request. Cheers!!

Glance through our page and leave a comment on our wall- our wall is where it all happens. Tell your friends about us and always look out for any new updates we might have given. If we are online, we can even have a chat. We have created this page as a means of getting closer to our clients, answering their questions and taking any feedback that might help us do things better.

Something about easyDNA

Well we are quite a big multinational; easyDNA USA has in fact offices in over 16 countries including South Africa, Nigeria, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Australia, India and the Philippines. We offer fully accredited DNA testing services and our list of tests available is extensive and includes:

  • DNA paternity testing for peace of mind purposes, DNA paternity testing for legal purposes, relationship DNA testing and more.
  • Gender DNA testing: this is our latest 99% accurate gender DNA test that uses maternal urine
  • Immigration DNA testing: our immigration tests can be presented to the immigration authorities to help speed up things.

easyDNA is now ready for social networking with you all via its Facebook page. See you there!


easyDNA offering Paternity Testing in the USA in Spanish

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easyDNA has extended is service in order to offer paternity testing in Spanish to all Latino clients based in America and who are Spanish speaking. La ‘prueba de paternidad ADN’ is now available for only $119 and includes a DNA testing kit, the analysis of the samples and the results, all presented in the Spanish language. Any client wishing to order their test in Spanish should Contact the company and request the service accordingly.

easyDNA Limited offers its service throughout the country and is able to send its kits to Spanish speaking to clients wishing to avail themselves of this service. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the USA after English. Nearly 40 million people in the US speak Spanish as their first language. easyDNA can offer paternity testing in New Mexico, paternity testing in California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada- these states all have a considerable number of Spanish speakers. easyDNA is glad to be able to provide the service to this segment of the population in Spanish – their first language.

easyDNA is an international DNA testing company and currently offers its service in six languages – English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech and Romanian – with a greater number of languages expected to be offered later during 2011. Clients of easyDNA can select which language they would like to be serviced in and the global customer service team will work to accommodate these requests. This effort to offer multi-lingual support is in line with easyDNA’s global corporate policy of putting customer satisfaction at the focal point throughout the entire DNA testing process.

Boy or Girl Baby Gender Predictor Test: Pink or Blue?

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Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the sex of your baby before it is born? A boy or girl gender prediction test can really give you the answer. Perhaps somewhat gender biased and out-dated to talk of the pink and blue distinction but it works and remains so obviously ingrained that we understand exactly what is being referred to straight away.

Baby Gender test

Boy a Girl? Order your Test today and Find out!!

Would you rather wait or just do a cabbage test or a Drano test or some other at home test. You can even do a baby gender DNA test – but the test you do really depends on how seriously you plan taking the result of the test. Picture doing an at home test such as the cabbage test- the test tell you that you will have a baby boy. You and your partner immediately go out and shop for everything for a baby boy. You even paint the bedroom the colours you feel would be more suited to a boys room- then the baby is born!! Alas, it is a girl.

It would make more sense to do a DNA baby gender test. This would be especially true if you plan making big decisions prior to the birth of the child. In some cases, expectant mother have done a DNA test to surprise their partners with the result. Boy or Girl Baby gender predictor tests are the ones to rely on if you plan making plans following results of a gender test.

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