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Ancestry DNA Testing Service

Ancestry DNA tests can tell you more about your ancient, prehistoric ancestors! You can discover your genetic heritage and genetic genealogy! Find out the origins of your ancestors: were they Native American? Northern African? Where did they originate?

Our Focused Geogenetic Database means we can trace your ancestral groups and origins. But what exactly do you wish to find out? We have 3 different ancestry tests, all three provide you with an indication of your ancient geogenetic roots but each test is aimed at telling you something different.

DNA Testing Ancestry: The 3 different tests we offer

  1. Our Ancestral Origins Test gives you a good in-depth view of your ancestry. Scientists know that thousands of years ago our ancestors left Africa and travelled to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the Americas and other parts of the world – Where did your ancestors settle after leaving Africa? The answers are all in your DNA. Our ancestry DNA test will show you the regional affiliation of your ancestors and the studied anthropological groups to which they belonged.

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  2. Our Maternal Lineage Test will analyze your Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) to determine your ancient maternal roots and origins. This test can be done by both males and females. We will establish which ancient ethnic groups, known as haplogroups, share their DNA with yours. You can easily think of haplogroups as your ancestral maternal clan with whom you share certain genetic features.

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  3. Our Paternal Lineage Test will tell your ancient paternal ancestry through analysis of your Y chromosome. We know that your deep ancestral roots encoded in your DNA were formed when your ancestors migrated out of Africa to other parts of the globe many thousand years ago. As they settled in different environments and climates, their DNA mutated in order to adapt creating new genetically distinct groups.

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What is the cost of an Ancestry Test?

Our Ancestral Origins test is offered starting from just $299 for the testing of 1 person.

Note: the cost of ancestry testing depends on the type of ancestry test you need and the number of people participating.

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Family Trees and Genealogy Research

Our ancestry tests offer the possibility to get a broad and general overview of your ancestry thousands of years ago. We cannot pinpoint relatives or locate people who might be related to you. If you wish to compile your family tree and carry out genealogy research we suggest seeking the help of a genealogist. easyDNA does not offer any genealogy services but we do offer relationship DNA testing which can help you confirm if you and another person you suspect is relative is truly biologically related.

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