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Forensic DNA Testing Services

easyDNA offers state of the art forensic DNA testing services to cater for situations where it is not possible to obtain the sample through the oral swab provided in our DNA testing kit. The range of samples that can be tested is extensive and includes hair DNA testing, blood testing and other DNA samples.

The forensic testing service may be used for our both our standard paternity test, as well as for the complete range of DNA tests. The service is not normally applicable to legal DNA testing unless the authenticity of the sample can be official confirmed through proper chain of custody procedures.

The complete list of forensic DNA samples the laboratory is able to analyse is shown below. The additional cost for each sample is also shown, as well as the expected DNA extraction success rate. Please also review the terms and conditions for discreet DNA samples.

Alternative DNA Sources

Category General Comments Packaging Comments Extra Cost Per Sample Success Rate*

Blood (Whole)

Medical blood draw in Vacutainer tube. Ship in original tube. $119.00 99%
Blood Stains Band aids, tampons, blood-stained tissues. Ship in paper envelope. $119.00 75%
Bone Fibula or Femur, ~
4-inch section.
On dry ice or as preserved. Price on request 75%
Cigarette Butts 2 to 4 butts Ship in paper envelope. $119.00 65%
Clothing Hats, baseball caps, underwear, bandanna. Ship in paper bag. $119.00 50%
Dental Floss Do not touch the floss with your fingers. Ship in paper envelope. $119.00 75%
Ear Wax Cotton swab or Q-tip. Ship in paper envelope. $119.00 75%
Electric Razor Clippings Place in paper envelope. Ship in paper envelope. $119.00 50%
Gum Do not touch the gum with your fingers. Sugar-free gum is preferred. Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag. $119.00 50%
Hair Roots or follicles must be attached. Hair from brush or comb may not work. Required 6-10 hairs. Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag. $119.00 60%
Infidelity / Forensic Samples Array of samples e.g. underwear, where DNA source is unknown, unseen or potentially mixed. See listing for specific item on this document or call for info. Price on request 50% to 99%
Licked Envelope/Stamp Greeting card or letter. Ship in paper envelope. $195.00 25%
Nails (Finger / Toe) Freshly trimmed nails work best. Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag. $119.00 75%
Paraffin Embedded Tissue From pathology laboratories. Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag. $195.00 95%
Post Mortem Tissue Coroner samples, funeral homes. On dry ice or as preserved. $195.00 65%
Razors Place razor in a paper envelope. Ship in paper envelope. $119.00 40%
Sperm / Semen

Liquid semen: Absorb suspected semen stain onto a clean cotton swab. Air-dry for 1 hour.

Dried semen stains: Absorb semen stain onto a clean cotton swab moistened with distilled water. Air-dry for 1 hour.

Ship in paper envelope. $119.00 90%
Teeth Molar, premolar or canine preferred. Ship in paper envelope. $195.00 85%

Air-dry the toothbrush for 30-60 minutes.

Ship in paper envelope. $119.00 75%
Toothpick Don't touch the toothpick with your fingers. Ship in paper envelope. $119.00 65%
Umbilical Cord (Dried) Place in paper envelope. Ship in paper envelope or as preserved. $119.00 90%
Used Kleenex / Handkerchief Nasal Mucous. Place in paper envelope. Ship in paper envelope. $195.00 95%

*easyDNA cannot unconditionally guarantee successful analysis of these samples. We will however make every attempt to provide you with the results you require.

Additional information on sending discreet DNA samples:

When deciding to send forensic samples, it is best that you discuss with our staff to ensure that you are sending the most appropriate samples. It is also important to send the samples according to the instructions provided in the table above. This will maximise the chances of obtaining a result through our DNA forensic testing services.

Also view our informative website on carrying out a blood DNA test or a DNA test with hair. 

For more general information about our DNA forensic testing, or any other DNA testing service, please visit our frequent questions section.

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