What we do

EasyDNA has serviced a vast number of complex cases over the last 15 years in its worldwide operations.  We are dedicated to the highest level of customer service available in the industry and make servicing our clientele efficiently our number one priority.

Our commitment to the highest level of service in the DNA testing industry means the most accurate, trustworthy and private testing services unparalleled in the marketplace.  For the last decade our founding partners have utilized their vast experience in all aspects of DNA testing to bring services and operations to more than 30 countries across the globe and growing.  Our international network encompasses countries across Europe, Asia, the Americas and more.  To see our complete list of international operations, visit our contact page.

Quality without compromise

As a leading DNA testing company we are dedicated to maintaining our remarkable reputation in the industry by guaranteeing the highest level of quality service available.  Our team at EasyDNA consists of a highly skilled group of DNA scientists complemented by a professional and friendly customer service staff.  With over 300,000 DNA tests executed in just the last decade, our level of experience in the science of DNA testing AND genetic analysis is unquestionable.

While performing an accurate and scientifically based quality driven DNA test is of the highest importance, we at EasyDNA are also dedicated to leading the industry in customer service.  The process of DNA testing can lend itself to stress, apprehension and uncertainty for many clients.  At EasyDNA we understand this and our dedicated team of customer service technicians will guide you the process of your DNA test from start to finish with expertise and understanding.

EasyDNA in the media

Over the last decade EasyDNA has enjoyed media exposure through a variety of outlets including television and radio.  We have assisted and offered our DNA services in several highly publicized and important cases throughout the world and have been internationally recognized as a quality provider of DNA testing.  Visit our media page to see EasyDNA in the news.

DNA tests available

Over the last several years the advances in DNA testing procedures and options have been significant.  These advances have made possible some highly innovative DNA testing options to the general public including tests to determine genetic predisposition for certain diseases, testing to establish parentage between persons, the possibility to non-invasively determine the sex of a fetus, amongst many others tests.  Additionally advances in DNA technology have provided new and exciting DNA forensic options that provide the availability to test DNA from a myriad of samples such as teeth, blood, and other biological material.

Contact information

Contact us today via email, telephone or use our online service of live chat:to connect with an EasyDNA customer service specialist today.

9245 Laguna Springs Drive, Suite 200
Elk Grove
CA 95758

Tel: (1) 800-848-8593
Fax: 916-509-7001

Web:  www.easy-dna.com/
Email: [email protected]


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