What is accredited testing?

When accrediting a laboratory, the external assessors use known standards and procedures to determine the technical competence of the laboratory. By following these standards, such as ISO 17025 standards, it is possible to conduct an evaluation of the factors that are critical in the production of the test. These elements cover a wide range of aspects as can be seen from the list below.

• Experience, qualifications and technical ability of key staff.
• Maintenance of testing equipment to the required standards.
• The environment in which the testing is carried out.
• The way the samples are handled, recorded and moved around the lab including traceability.
• Quality assurance programme of the testing and the calibration of the equipment.
• Ability to identify problems and solve them effectively.

All the above ensure that a laboratory operates to the required standards and is capable of producing reliable and accurate testing on a continuous basis. It also is a means of differentiating between the quality of accredited DNA testing laboratories.

You can rest assured that all tests processed by EasyDNA are performed by a laboratory that is both state-of-the-art and highly accredited. Having our DNA tests performed at the highest industry standards has always been a priority at our company.

The accuracy of our DNA tests

At EasyDNA all our all our paternal and maternal testing is performed on 21 genetic markers (the 21st genetic marker is used to confirm the sex of the person) to ensure that the results are highly accurate. On this basis, in the case of our paternity tests, if the alleged father is the actual biological father of the child, then all 20 genetic markers will match those of the child. We normally refer to this as “no exclusions”. We can also guarantee that in cases where the test is conducted utilising the alleged father, mother and child – the result using our PowerPlex16 Multiplex system will yield a probability of paternity of more than 99.9999% where the father is included and a 100% exclusion rate where he is not the father.

In situations where the paternity test is performed using a single parent, the resulting probability is in most cases greater than 99.99%, although an exact mimum probability of parenthood as per above cannot be determined in advance.

As a result of such extremely high probabilities, you can rest assured that the result of the DNA test is accurate and will provide conclusive proof of the existence of a biological relationship or otherwise.

For your information, we have also provided sample paternity test results ; here you are be able to view what a paternity test result looks like. The page also contains comprehensive information about how you go about understanding your results.

Our service quality – worldwide experience

At EasyDNA we strive to achieve quality and excellence both at the testing level as well as at the customer service level. Our solid reputation has been achieved through both the provision of accurate and reliable DNA tests, but also as a result of the professional manner by which we handle our clients on a case by case basis. More about our tests and services at: https://www.easy-dna.com

EasyDNA offers its services all over the world and to date successfully managed thousands of samples from over 80 countries worldwide. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of customer service wherever the client is based.

For more information about our accurate and accredited DNA testing visit the frequently asked questions section or contact us directly by phone or email [email protected]


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