Heavy Metal Testing

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Do you suspect heavy metal poisoning? Was your loved one exposed to toxic heavy metals such as cadmium or lead? Did they work in the manufacturing industry or have metallic implants? If so, these industries and devices can cause toxic poisoning. Contact us today for further information about our Heavy Metal test.

DNA Testing on Cremated remains

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Do you wish to test an ash sample for the presence of DNA? Do you have any concerns about your relative's cremated remains? Cremated remains testing can help you determine the presence of DNA in the sample provided. Let us help you clear your mind of any doubts. Get in touch with us today for further information about this test.

DNA Free Certification

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Do you suspect that your product lines are contaminated with human DNA? Do you want to ensure that your products are free of any contaminants? DNA-Free Certification testing can help you eliminate different types of contamination and certify your products. Contact our customer service team today for further information about this test.


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