Cat DNA paternity testing

The feline paternity test allows you to establish the true parentage of your cat, eliminating any doubt as to their pedigree, offering your buyer scientific proof of the cat’s genetic lineage. The breeder can scientifically show the buyer that the kitten has been bred from pure breed parents. Like all our animal DNA tests, this paternity analysis is very easy to carry out, by means of a home DNA collection kit using pain free oral swab samples.

Coat color

DNA testing can also be used to make genetic selection of coat color, ensuring to pick cats for breeding that will only produce the most desirable coat colors. As any cat breeder will testify, some coat colors have far more appeal than others and the cat with just such a coat color is more likely to sell and may command higher prices. Such tests include cat agouti testing or cat chocolate and cinnamon testing. In Siamese cats, Siamese pointed coloration and Burmese (sepia) coloration genes can be identified via a DNA test and the mating process can be fast tracked, selectively aimed at providing Siamese cats with the most desirable coat colors.

How a cat DNA test is done?

Carrying out a dog or cat DNA test couldn’t be simpler! The DNA is collected from the animal’s mouth using sterile cotton swabs. This means no expensive visits to the veterinary clinic and no need for blood samples! Holding the cat’s head firmly you will simply need to rub the swab inside the cat’s mouth.

All you require for sample collection will be provided in the DNA testing kit. Inside you will find the oral swabs for DNA sample collection, detailed instructions and a pre-addressed envelope for sending the samples back to the laboratory. Simply rub the cotton end of the oral swab inside your cat’s mouth, against the inside of the cheek, in this way you will be collecting the loose cheek cells needed for DNA extraction and analysis.

Depending on the type of test you require, results can be available in as little as 10-14 working days and your detailed report will be sent via email, unless otherwise requested.

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