Forensic DNA testing services

Due to New York State Department of Health regulations, we cannot offer any DNA tests to New York residents. Click here if require more info about DNA testing in NY.

For more information about consent, please click HERE.

The forensic testing service may be used for our both our standard paternity test, as well as for the complete range of DNA tests. The service is not normally applicable to legal DNA testing unless the authenticity of the sample can be official confirmed through proper chain of custody procedures.

The complete list of forensic DNA samples the laboratory is able to analyse is shown below. The additional cost for each sample is also shown, as well as the expected DNA extraction success rate. Please also review the terms and conditions HERE for forensic DNA samples.

Note: We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using oral swab samples. Using a forensic sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.

Type of Sample
Price Success Rate

Blood on Filter paper
$80 90% or higher

Also called Whatman, Matrix or Parchment; less than 60 days old. Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

$80 90% or higher

Frozen vial (Sperm bank) or fresh swab; Semen on fabric. Ship in paper envelope.

Blood stain on fabric
$80 60-90%

Includes bandages, gauze and facial tissues (Kleenex) or napkins. Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

Fingernail/nail Clippings
$80 60-90%

Need 5-10 clippings. Ship in paper envelope.

Tissue (muscles, organs); non-embalmed
$160 60-90%

Depends on age and storage conditions; CHAIN ONLY. Request consultation.

Ear Swab
$80 60-90%

Ship in paper envelope.

Umbilical Cord
$80 60-90%

Dried, must have a reference sample from mother. Ship in paper envelope or as preserved.

Semen stain on fabric
$80 60-90%

Area should be indicated on fabric; incl bandages, gauze & tissues or napkins. Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

Hair with roots
$80 60% or less

Ensure roots are present (7-10 hairs) - shed or cut hair will not work. Ship in paper envelope.

Razor (Electric, Disposable)
$80 60% or less

Send entire blade or disposable razor, debris can be sent in envelope. Ship in paper envelope.

Cigarette butts
$80 60% or less

Depends on type/brand. Ship in paper envelope.

Chewing gum
$80 60% or less

Sugarless preferred. Ship in plastic Zip-Lock bag.

$80 60% or less

Facial tissue (Kleenex), napkin or paper towel. Ship in paper envelope.

$80 60% or less

Depends on storage condition / swab inside of condom. Ship in paper envelope.

$80 60% or less

Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

Soda can / drinking glass / plastic container
$80 60% or less

Swab well w/ cotton swab or send in article with area clearly marked. Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

Tampon/Feminine Pad
$80 60% or less

Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

Drinking straw
$80 60% or less

Air-dry and ship in paper envelope.

Envelope flaps
$80 60% or less

Depends on age of envelope and how sealed. Request consultation.

Bones from exhumed body

For forensic cases only. Request consultation.


Molar, premolar or canine preferred. Ship in paper envelope.


Femur or humorus bone, 3-4 inches in length use clean blade. Request consultation.

Additional information on sending forensic DNA samples:

When deciding to send forensic samples, it is best that you discuss with our staff to ensure that you are sending the most appropriate samples. It is also important to send the samples according to the instructions provided in the table above. This will maximise the chances of obtaining a result through our DNA forensic testing services.

For more general information about our DNA forensic testing, or any other DNA testing service, please visit our frequent questions section HERE.

Note: We are unable to test samples belonging to any test participants without their informed consent. Any test participant submitting a DNA sample must sign our consent form authorizing us to test their sample. Children under the legal age of consent can have their legal guardian or parent/s sign on their behalf.
We also require that the person from which the DNA sample has been collected be made fully aware of what their DNA sample will be used for. The absence of any form of refusal, comment or assent does not signify consent.


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