DNA Testing Ancestry: The 4 different tests we offer


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Unlock your ancestral roots with our AncestrybyDNA™ ancestry test. This bio-geographic ancestry test is an easy and accurate test to carry out. Discovering your origins and learning more about your family history begins with this test.

BritishDNA Test

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How British are you? The BritishDNA test is ideal for individuals of British descent who want to know more about their British roots. This test will enable you to learn more about your true ancestry than years of hard research, understanding the epic journey of your ancient ancestors from their origins to Britain's shores.

Family Tree and Ancestry
Research with Legacy Tree

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Have you ever wanted to find out more about your family’s roots? Discovering more about your family ancestry might have become easier thanks to the internet and online databases but without the skills and know-how of professional genealogy services you won’t get very far.

Ancestral Origins Test

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Discover your GeoGenetic links with populations around the world. Ancestral Origins™ is the most refined and easy to understand DNA genealogy test on the market. Begin discovering your true ancestral roots with this simple DNA test. Results ready in 2 weeks from receipt of samples.

Paternal Lineage Test

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With our paternal lineage test you can trace your paternal ancestry, the origins of your paternal ancestors and their migration patterns. Begin your journey to unravel your paternal ancestry, discover your ancestral clans and ancient haplogroups with this one-of-a-kind test.

Maternal Lineage Test

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Our maternal lineage test will allow you to trace the origins of your ancestors from your mother's side of the family. The results of this test will allow you to identify which areas of the globe your maternal ancestors originated from and detail your ancestral maternal clans.


What type of ancestry and lineage tests do you offer?


Our ancestral DNA originates from 4 major groups. Our DNA test will provide a percentage showing which of 4 groups your DNA most closely matches. The test analyses what we call Biogenetic markers to see with which ancestral groups you share more common genetic markers.

  • Indigenous American:Population group who migrated to inhabit North, South and Central America
  • European: Includes Europeans, Middle Easterners and South Asians
  • East Asian: Includes the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and Pacific Islanders
  • Sub-Saharan African: Population group of people with roots in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa
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Maternal Lineage Test

Our Maternal Lineage Test will analyze your Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) to determine your ancient maternal roots and origins. This test can be done by both males and females. We will establish which ancient ethnic groups, known as haplogroups, share their DNA with yours. You can easily think of haplogroups as your ancestral maternal clan with whom you share certain genetic features.Read More about our Maternal Lineage Test

Paternal Lineage Test

Our Paternal Lineage Test will tell your ancient paternal ancestry through analysis of your Y chromosome. We know that your deep ancestral roots encoded in your DNA were formed when your ancestors migrated out of Africa to other parts of the globe many thousand years ago. As they settled in different environments and climates, their DNA mutated in order to adapt creating new genetically distinct groups. Read more about our Paternal Lineage Test

Can your test trace my family tree?

Our ancestry tests offer the possibility to get a broad and general overview of your ancestry thousands of years ago. We cannot pinpoint relatives or locate people who might be related to you. If you wish to compile your family tree and carry out genealogy research we suggest seeking the help of a genealogist. easyDNA does not offer any genealogy services but we do offer relationship DNA testing which can help you confirm if you and another person you suspect is relative is truly biologically related.