DNA Analysis

Due to New York State Department of Health regulations, we cannot offer any DNA tests to New York residents. Click here if require more info about DNA testing in NY.

All our DNA analysis is performed by an ISO17025 accredited DNA testing laboratory using state-of-the-art genetic identification system and are identical to those used in DNA forensic testing applications for human identification purposes.

Results are available within 3-5 working days after arrival of the samples at our laboratory. We will send you a report detailing your unique 21 marker profile. A list of the genetic markers used in our testing can be viewed in our sample DNA test result section HERE.

Uses for a DNA profile analysis

This service is applicable to individuals such as large estate owners and individuals operating in high risk environments. It can also be used by insurance companies or legal professionals to identify individuals and keep a permanent record of their identity for future use. The applications are wide and far reaching.

EasyDNA is able to offer a wide range of DNA profiling services. A list of options is provided below.

DNA analysis for personal use

Once you order the test we will send you the self-collection DNA sample kit. The process to collect the samples is very easy and a visual guide is available on the DNA test kit collection section HERE. Once the samples are sent to the DNA laboratory, they are analysed and a DNA profile is produced and sent to the client. The document has no legal validity as the chain of custody procedures for sample verification have not been adhered to.

The cost of the test for informative purposes is $119 per person and include our DNA test kit.

DNA profile for official or legal use

In order to be legally valid, the sample collection process has to follow the proper Chain-of-Custody procedure in order to confirm the identity of the samples. Once the order has been placed, we will send you the DNA kit and the sampling will have to be performed by a qualified Medical Practitioner. He will be responsible for verifying the samples and sending them back to the laboratory. The result can then be attached to a testament or stored for future identification requirements.

Once the DNA profile is obtained, the client will be issued with a notarized copy of the result for storage in a secure location or deposited with your legal advisor. The cost of this test for legal purposes is $219 per person.

DNA profiling for comparison & verification purposes

In cases where there is doubt about individuals that have submitted their samples for genetic DNA fingerprinting, such as paternity testing, EasyDNA also offers a service whereby it will compare the new DNA sample provided by the client to the result of a DNA profile produced by another DNA testing company (click here for more information about paternity testing). Whilst we will not comment on the results of the other company, we will be able to confirm if the profile is of the same person or not, subject to the same markers being analysed in both cases (or the majority of markers). A copy of the DNA profile will be required in advance to confirm that we are able to compare the profiles.

For more information about our DNA profiling service contact us at [email protected].


Ordering a DNA Profile does NOT provide any other information related to areas such as health and ancestry. If you want this type of test please see our complete list of DNA tests page.

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