DNA testing laboratory – our quality

In terms of accreditation, our laboratory has achieved ISO17025 accreditation status – this is the gold standard for DNA testing laboratory. This accreditation is a rigorous quality assurance system that is implemented under very strict guidelines to ensure that the  results are of the highest quality. The auditing of the laboratory is performed by external auditors.

Testing quality assurance programme

A quality assurance programme has been implemented for our DNA testing, to ensure that all the results issued by EasyDNA are accurate and reproducible. This ensures the high level quality and integrity that mark the EasyDNA brand. Our quality assurance programme requires that all samples are processed twice to confirm the results and issue them with absolute confidence that they are accurate and correct.

Our service quality – worldwide experience

At EasyDNA we strive to achieve quality and excellence both at the testing level as well as at the customer service level. Our solid reputation has been achieved through both the provision of accurate and reliable DNA tests, but also as a result of the professional manner by which we handle our clients on a case by case basis. More about our tests and services at: https://www.easy-dna.com

EasyDNA offers its services all over the world and to date successfully managed thousands of samples from over 50 countries worldwide. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of customer service wherever the client is based.