Technical support & experience

Make sure that your DNA testing company has the experience to offer you the best technical support throughout the entire testing process. Our technical service staff at easyDNA have over 7 years experience dealing with the general public and are backed by the proper scientific support.

Also easyDNA is one of the fastest growing international DNA testing brand and we handle thousands of cases every year from all over the world. We definitely have the experience to handle your case!


When dealing with DNA testing, make sure that the company you select is using a properly accredited laboratory. Our partner laboratory has the highest level of international accreditation. A laboratory has to work very hard to achieve such accreditation and show the highest standards of technical competence and assurance of quality. Make sure your service provider works through a laboratory that is fully accredited. For more information about accredited DNA testing see our laboratory

Private & confidential

We guarantee that your results will be private and confidential. We issue results via email or by postal mail in a plain unmarked envelope. At NO time will we give DNA testing results over the phone as we have no guarantee who we are really speaking to.

Affordable testing

easyDNA offers high quality but affordable testing. How? The Laboratory has a large and highly skilled scientific team and the labs have a large processing capacity capabilities. Given the large number of samples processed from around the world, costs are reduced due to economies of scale. This cost saving is passed on to you by easyDNA.

The DNA Kit

Our DNA kit will be shipped to you within 24 hours from the time of your order and is normally received within 2 business days. It will arrive to the address provided in a plain unmarked envelope for confidentiality purposes. Enclosed you will find comprehensive instructions, swabs for the and a self addressed envelope to return the samples to us. Visit our DNA sample collection guide for more information.


Stringent testing procedures ensures results are highly accurate. A measure of the quality of results is the conclusiveness of our DNA paternity test. Different laboratories have different standards for what they consider “conclusive results.” We will consider a paternity test conclusive only if we can achieve a 100% exclusion that the alleged Father is not the Father or with a inclusion in the region of 99.99%+ depending on whether the mother participates or not. Visit here to understand your resultAlternatively for more information about our paternity tests and other DNA testing services, click here, visit our frequent questions or contact us directly.


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