Dog Inherited Disease and Traits Testing Panels

Order Now From $98

We offer a comprehensive list of testing panels that include inherited disease and traits specific to individual breeds. Each panel is designed for a specific breed put together by a team of experts to be able to find out about your dog's health and traits at very affordable prices. All testing is highly accurate, performed by a highly specialized animal testing laboratory. Find out more today!

Dog Allergy Test

Order Now ONLY $104!

Take better control of your dog’s well-being and health with a dog allergy test. Testing for sensitivities and intolerances is important for any dog owner who has their dog’s best interest at heart as it can make managing them easier and provide mitigation strategies that can result in happier and healthier dogs. More than 120 allergens tested for! The dog allergy test starts from just $104.

DNA My Dog Breed Test

Order Now $79

Do you own a mixed breed dog? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was
a way where we could learn more about our dog’s genetic heritage?
The DNA My Dog test is a canine breed test that is designed to help
you provide your dog with a longer, healthier and happier life.

New and more detailed breed classification schedule!

PetGen Canine DNA Test

Order Now ONLY $159!

EXCLUSIVE BREED + HEALTH CANINE TEST with Personalized Breed Certificate!

Our PetGen Canine all in one test is a comprehensive, affordable, and unique tool for both Breeders and Dog Parents in creating a better and happier life plan for your pet. Find out important information about your dog’s breed, genetic disease, character and traits, life expectancy and much more for only $159!

Dog Breed Identification Test
350+ breeds

Order Now $104!

What breed is your dog? Take the guesswork out of your canine's genetic heritage with our accurate dog breed kit. Starting from only $104 and with results in 3 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratory, dog breed identification testing checks for 1,800 genetic markers and covers more than 350 breeds, types and varieties of dog.

Dog Parentage Test

Order Now $169

Our dog parentage test allows you to establish in a definitive manner the true parentage of your dog. By means of this test, dog breeders and dog owners have the first truly scientific manner of establishing the pedigree of a dog with an accuracy of 99.99%. Results in 10 working days.

Dog DNA Testing without The Mother

Order Now $269

We offer dog parentage testing even without the mother’s sample. However, testing is more complex. By means of this test, dog breeders and dog owners have the first truly scientific manner of establishing the pedigree of a dog with an accuracy of 99.99%. Results are sent by email within 10 working days from receipt of samples at the laboratory.

Premium Dog Testing Package

Order Now $195

Are you a dog lover? Do you want what’s best for your loyal friend?
If yes, the Premium Dog testing Package is made just for you! Priced
at $195, our package includes 3 types of dog testing services, dog
allergy testing, breed identification and genetic age determination.
Results for this combo are available within only 2 to 3 weeks!    

DogCheck (Canine) Genetic Disease Test

Order Now FROM $199!

With more than 175+ genetic diseases screened the DogCheck Canine Genetic Disease Screening Test is one of the most comprehensive genetic screening tests available for dogs in the market to date. Find out if your dog is susceptible to any of the diseases or genetic traits tested for with this very easy-to-use test. Find out more about your dog and help it live a healthier life!

Dog Inherited Disease & Trait Test

Order Now $69

Is your dog carrier of any genetic diseases? Will it be affected or suffer from the disease later on in life? Are you concerned that this disease might affect any offspring? Why not make a scientific move towards eliminating or reducing the risk of disease in your dogs with dog inherited disease testing?

Due to the variety of breeds and diseases the laboratory is able to test for, kindly contact us with details of the breed and type of test you are looking for so we can advise and quote accordingly.

Canine Genetic Age Test

Order Now FROM $79!

How old is your dog? The Canine Genetic Age test measures the length of a dog’s telomeres to determine their age at a genetic level and uses its database of more than 102 dog breeds to pinpoint their breed composition. Results are available within 2 to 3 weeks and priced at only $79 (full test including breed is priced at only $109). Be proactive with the wellness of your beloved pooch!    

Food Suggestion Report

Order Now Only $39!

We want to do everything we can when our Dogs experience sensitivities and intolerances that impact their quality of life! The first step that you have taken is to complete an EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test . The second step is to determine what potential changes to their diet you might want to take as a result of what this test finds.

NOTE: This report is an add-on to the Food Allergy Test and cannot be performed on its own. Only available to US based clients.

Dog Multidrug Resistance 1 (MDR1) Test

Order Now FROM $69!

Many dog breeds are afflicted by the MDR1 gene mutation, which affects how they react to certain drugs and medications. With our new Dog Multidrug Resistance 1 (MDR1) Test , you can determine if your dog carries the gene mutation, allowing you to take better care of your pet’s health. The price of the Dog MDR1 Test starts from $69.

Dog Exercise Induced Collapse Test

Order Now FROM $69!

Is your dog suffering from weakness and lack of coordination after training or intense exercise? Your pet might be suffering from Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC). Determine whether your dog carries the gene responsible for the syndrome through EasyDNA’s Dog Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) Test, starting from $69

Dog Degenerative Myelopathy Test

Order Now FROM $69!

Some of the earliest symptoms of degenerative myelopathy among dogs include walking on knuckles, loss of balance and coordination, and difficulty getting up from lying down. Could your dog have the gene responsible for degenerative myelopathy? Get an accurate diagnosis with EasyDNA’s Dog Degenerative Myelopathy Test, starting from $69.

Dog Hyperuricosuria for Uric Acid Test

Order Now FROM $69!

Hyperuricosuria (HUU) is a condition characterised by an excessive level of uric acid in the dog’s urine, which can also cause painful kidney or bladder stones. This condition, which can occur in any dog breed, is inherited. Could your dog have hyperuricosuria? Find out through EasyDNA’s Dog Hyperuricosuria Test , from only $69.

Dog Progressive Retinal Atrophy,
Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration
(PRA-prcd) Test

Order Now FROM $69!

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA-prcd) is an inherited degenerative disorder that causes a dog’s vision to deteriorate over time and can ultimately lead to blindness. Get an accurate diagnosis through EasyDNA’s Dog PRA-prcd Test, from only $69.

Dog von Willebrand Disease Test

Order Now FROM $69!

von Willebrand Disease Type 1 (vWD1) is the most common genetic bleeding disease among dogs, which causes excessive bleeding after injury, trauma, or surgical procedures. Could your dog have inherited this disorder? Find out for sure using EasyDNA’s Dog von Willebrand Disease Test, from only $69.


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