DNA testing across international borders is on the increase, according to DNA testing firm easyDNA, who are currently expanding their operations into an increasing number of countries.

New York, USA – 01/09/2008 According to easyDNA there has been a large increase in incidences of cross-border DNA testing, involving relationship disputes between people living in different countries. This would normally result in possible delays in the tests being carried out and the results made available, but the extended globalization of easyDNA has enabled the company to overcome the difficulties associated with this type of DNA screening.

When asked to comment on this situation, Andrew Alexander, the Sales and Marketing Director of easyDNA stated “The increase in cross-border DNA testing appears to be commensurate with our global expansion. This is likely due to the increased confidence our clients have in our ability to carry out this type of work as we open new international offices. With offices in 14 countries, we are able to provide a local service to most of our potential customers, and so speed up the whole process of relationship DNA testing. This puts us ahead of our competitors since speed can be critical in this business. Coordination is very important when we are dealing with samples from different countries, and our customers are becoming very confident in our ability to handle that.

“We can send our customers test kits from our local administrative offices, often on a next-day service, and they can send them back to the same offices. This speeds up the entire process tremendously, and we can also offer high quality customer service due to the proximity of our offices. Our investment in globalization is paying off in improved customer satisfaction and their increased confidence in the ability of easyDNA to deliver what they want.”

Because of the demands of cross-border DNA testing easyDNA has installed improved internal procedures to handle the extra security and administrative needs of this type of sample gathering and testing, and no tests are started until all samples that have been identified as necessary have been received and properly recorded and grouped together. All sample providers are informed when their submission has been received.

Although most of the cross-border DNA screening carried out by easyDNA involves a sample from each of two countries, there have been cases involving as many as four countries from three different continents. The development and placing of procedures to handle this degree of complexity is just one of the reasons why easyDNA is a world leader in the field of DNA testing. Click Here for more information about our services.


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