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We recommend Legacy Tree Genealogists’ team of qualified, professional genealogists to assist our customers with using their DNA test results to discover more about their ancestry. Combining both DNA and the revealing findings of hard genealogical research, you can maximize research into your ancestral roots and family origins.

Legacy Tree Genealogists

Legacy Tree Genealogists is the world’s highest client-rated genealogy research firm, based near the famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. With an established network of onsite researchers all over the globe, they specialize in genetic genealogy and DNA analysis.


DNA testing allows the team at Legacy Tree Genealogists to use DNA information as a means of learning more about family history. DNA is a biological record of an individual’s shared ancestry with their close and distant cousins. By analyzing the types, amount, size and position of DNA segments that two or more individuals share in common, they can collaborate with genetic cousins and identify additional information regarding shared heritage. In many cases DNA testing helps to solve family mysteries that would be otherwise impossible to investigate due to lack of records.

Whether researching cases of adoption, unknown paternity, difficult-to-trace ancestors or determining an ancestor’s ethnicity, Legacy Tree Genealogists can help to interpret genetic genealogy tests in the context of pertinent historical records. Contact Legacy Tree Genealogists today to request a free estimate!

Where does your family history come from?

The seasoned genealogist has a host of tools at their disposal to help find out those aspects of your family tree which would otherwise remain hidden. Legacy Tree Genealogists has a team of highly qualified and keen genealogists that have access to one of the largest family history libraries in the world. Besides this, the team at Legacy Tree have contacts with other genealogists around the world to be able to share and exchange information in order to unravel as much as possible about your family’s origins and ancestors. Legacy Tree Genealogists also follow stringent quality practices, ensuring that the genealogy research of their clients’ family trees is done well and presented clearly.

Online research is an important part of family tree research but we Legacy Tree Genealogists also spend time combing through records in Libraries, archives, courthouses, public registries as well church records and much more. The work of a genealogist is highly intensive but the details and information they can provide you with are priceless.

Maternal Lineage
Paternal Lineage