A note for US Residents

EasyDNA would like to inform all its clients that as per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s directive these type of tests can only be provided to US residents if their physician has agreed to the test. Genetic health testing is a physician ordered test in the USA. The physician in question will need to authorise the testing to go ahead by signing the consent forms which we provide inside our sample collection kit.

Note: This Test is Not Available to USA Residents

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Genetic Predisposition Health Testing: Your future health is in your genes

This test is the key to taking control of your future well-being because your health could lie in your genes. With EasyDNA’s genetic health testing service you can understand your health on a genetic level.

Here is the complete list of diseases we cover:


What are the benefits?

The reasons for doing this test are many. With your genetic counsellor or doctor you will be able to get the expert guidance and advice, benefiting from the following:

You can reduce your chances of developing an illness by making the right changes in your lifestyle. But given that each disease is different, you need to know the right changes to make in order to reduce your chances of developing the condition in question.

Do you have a history of a disease in the family? Perhaps breast cancer? Then why not take this test to have your mind at rest? The test result can reduce your worries by showing that your chances of developing the disease through hereditary genes are nonexistent.

Ensuring better medical care and checkups. Thanks to the results of our test you and your doctor can know exactly which diseases to look out for and which health checks to ensure you undertake periodically.

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More about how our test can help you

Our test was developed as a result of many years of intensive research on the human genome, studying specific areas on our genes which are known as SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms). Simply put, these SNPs are genetic variations between people that can reveal a wealth of information about an individual’s genetic health and your susceptibility to disease. Technically, SNPs are variations in nucleotides (a nucleotide is a molecule that makes up our DNA; there are four main nucleotides known as Adenine, guanine, cytosine and Thymine). Variations in these nucleotides between individuals in the same species are known as SNPs.

We nowadays understand that many diseases, such as cancers and diseases of old age, are caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Some people carry disease-causing genes or certain mutations known to be responsible for diseases, whilst other people do not. The question is do you carry these genes?

Our test is ideal to answer just this question and many more. In fact, with our health test:

We can tell and assess your genetic health for over 35 different genetic diseases; We can also tell you how likely you are of developing the disease when compared with other people in the population.

Important points

Due to the nature of this testing, the FDA prohibits the in-home collection of your sample as defined in 201 (heart) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. You can therefore choose to have your sample collected by your physician or a professional collection agency. For US Citizens this test can only be offered against a physician’s prescription.

EasyDNA recommends pre-genetic counselling and post genetic counselling to anybody taking our genetic health test.

For more information on genetic counselling assistance visit: www.nsgc.org. The National Society of Genetic Counselors’ database can help you find genetic counselling close to your home town and provides resources and advice.

Why not consult a genetic counsellor about your results?

Our genetic counsellor is ideal if you have any concerns about your DNA test results. They can understand and interpret all aspects of your DNA test results, helping you maximize your own wellbeing and that of your relative. Genetic counselling is ideal in cases where you opt for a clinical test or health test but you can also consult our counsellor for any other test including parentage testing, prenatal testing and relationship testing. Genetic counselling is available at an additional fee.

Our glossary of terms

We have compiled a glossary with many useful terms related to genetics, genes and many other relevant terminology and jargon. View our genetic glossary HERE.

Find out if you carry the genes associated with Celiac Disease

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