easyDNA are now providing paternity testing in Alabama, including Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile and other main cities and towns within the state.

Alabama is one of most famous and iconic southern states within the United States. Its rich African American history and culture make Alabama among one of the most historically rich states where hundreds of thousands of national and international tourists visit the main cities of Birmingham, Montgomery and the coastal city of Mobile every year. Alabama has a very pleasant climate with temperatures oscillating between 15 degrees Celsius during the winter and 32 degrees Celsius during the summer, along with humidity indexes where neither the cold nor hot climate feels too intense. The most beautiful characteristics about Alabama is its landscape with gorgeous looking rural areas and scenic beaches; visitors can also enjoy professional sport events with professional sport teams based in Alabama, which include American football, baseball, ice hockey, soccer in world-class venues. On the historic side, Alabama offers many historic fine arts museums and cultural museums such as the Rosa Parks Library & Museum in Montgomery, Martin Luther King’s Home and the Vulcan Park Museum in Birmingham. The true identity of Alabama cannot be fully known unless it is experienced, thereby recommending any interested individual or family to visit this peculiar and historically rich state at any given time.

At easyDNA we commit ourselves in providing you the most accurate, reliable, confidential and accredited DNA relationship tests set by the most advanced technological procedures and standards within the Genetic Analysis industry. Contact us today to set up an appointment for an effective DNA analysis to help solve any relationship questions you might have; our professional and experienced genetic consultants are ready and will be more than happy to assist you with your paternity testing in Alabama.


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