easyDNA is currently pleased to offer DNA paternity testing and other testing services in the state of Arizona, including in the city of Phoenix, Tucson and other main urban areas.

Arizona is a very unique state in terms of climate, geography, demographics and culture. The history of Arizona dates back to the early 20th century where the Mexican Revolution started. Arizona was then part of Mexico in which through a series of battles, the United States won and declared Arizona as an official state in 1912. The late 1960’s brought Arizona many inhabitants and economic development due to its emergent immigration from other states and low cost of living compared to other heavily inhabited states. Arizona has very warm weather, with temperatures often oscillating between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. The state’s geography is totally based on arid land, in which many deserts and isolated areas are within the states boundaries. Visitors can take advantage to visit these terrains on seasons where the weather is not that intense and can also visit the main cities of Phoenix and Tucson, which provide many recreational and culture activities for all kinds of preferences.

easyDNA is committed to offer DNA Paterntity testing in Arizona for all it’s residents residents the most reliable and effective DNA Analyses with total discretion, cordiality and confidentiality.

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