easyDNA are now providing accurate, reliable and confidential DNA paternity testing all over the state of California, including the main metropolitan areas, large towns and suburbs.

California is one of the most iconic states within the country and the most popular US state overall. Considered as one of the largest geographical states and the most populated with over 37 million habitants, California will always have something to offer to any kind of person. Visitors have the choice of visiting the main three metropolitan areas of California which include the world famous Los Angeles Area, San Francisco and San Diego, with other several large cities such as San Jose and Sacramento. California encompasses high levels of immigrant population from all over the world and icons of the modern American cinema such as Hollywood. Millions of tourists visit the Greater Los Angeles Area in order to visit the iconic Hollywood Boulevard as well as the beautiful surrounding beaches that the city provides. Other professional visitors visit the Silicon Valley area south of San Francisco in order to establish high-tech companies with the funding of venture capitalists, while other visitors simply enjoy the pleasant climate and vast amount of personal and professional opportunities available throughout the state.

At easyDNA we see an incredible large market of interested individuals who may need a DNA test at some point or another, for this reason we offer the best and most reliable and accredited DNA Paternity Testing in California with the most advanced technological procedures that meet all the established standards of Genetic Analysis across the United States.


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