In some cases where a person is deceased or unavailable for testing for some other reason, it may not be possible to take a standard sample using a mouth swab. In such cases, you may be advised to use a discreet DNA sample which includes blood, hair or cigarette ends. These are just a few of the many possible discreet samples that can be used for testing. It is important to bear in mind that different discreet samples do not have equal success rates; this means that extracting DNA from some samples might be more laborious for the laboratory and might ultimately not yield enough or any DNA to carry on the test. However, once the DNA is extracted from any sample, if adequate, the result will be as reliable as any other DNA test carried out with a standard saliva sample. It is important to be well advised about which samples are best and about any legal matters that may apply in your country. For more information about discreet samples visit Discreet DNA Testing.


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