Maternity is essentially the biological state when one is mother and the various stages of motherhood. Being ‘maternal’ is used to talk about the instinctive urge to become mother and to nurture a child. Legally, maternity can mean the legal acknowledgment of one as biological mother to a child in much the same way as paternity. A DNA maternity test can be used to determine whether an alleged mother is in fact the true biological mother of a child. This type of DNA test is done in much the same way as the more common paternity DNA test with a rate of exclusion of an individual being the mother of 100% and an inclusion rate of 99.99%. The reasons for carrying out a maternity test are very different from a Paternity DNA Test.

More information can be found on DNA Maternity Tests.There are several reasons for choosing to undergo DNA maternity testing and verify whether there is a biological match between a mother and a child. Reasons can include personal, immigration, medical, legal or adoption. In such cases there may be a need to prove a biological relationship between the child and his or her parent or parents. Or even perhaps to reunite a mother with her biological offspring. When it comes to surrogacy and In Vetro fertilization you may want to check and be sure that the DNA is really from the person that was intended.

A mother may want to be certain that the embryo that was implanted through IFV is really biologically hers. In DNA maternity testing it is required that both the mother and the child are tested. In certain circumstances when more genetic information is needed it may be recommended that the father’s DNA is tested through a paternity test. This type of testing is called a ‘trio’. Whether it is for the reasons mentioned above or even just simple peace of mind, our DNA maternity tests are non-invasive and highly advanced and accurate. Contact our customer care representative team or visit our page for more detailed information on DNA maternity testing.


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