easyDNA are now providing DNA Paternity Testing in Boston, Massachusetts and throughout the U.S.

Boston is the capital city of the state of Massachusetts, and is one of the US’s oldest cities. Set on the eastern seaboard, Boston is known as the economic and cultural center of the region and is sometimes regarded as New England’s unofficial capital. Boston has a historical past dating back to 1630, when puritan colonists from England founded the city. In the turbulent 18th century American Revolution, Boston was the location of several major events including the now-famous Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. Tourism is a major contributor into Boston’s economy, with approximately $7 billion a year coming from visitors, making it the tenth most popular tourist location in the US. Boston shares many cultural roots with greater New England, including a dialect known as Boston English, and its large Irish-American population is a major influence on its political and religious scene. The city is also a cultural heritage site boasting many universities, theaters, arts centers and ballet companies.

Are you the father? At easyDNA we provide accurate, reliable, confidential results whatever your needs. With DNA Tests ranging from Paternity Testing to DNA Immigration Tests to Legal Paternity Tests, and clients located in Boston, Massachusetts and throughout the U.S. our staff are able to guide you through even the most complex cases.


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