Ancestry and genealogy are related terms. The study of families and blood lines is known as genealogy, genealogy is the study of lineage and ancestry testing is one aspect of this. In the past, this was of major importance to royalty or aristocracy as it ensured that only legitimate blood relatives inherited the title or the crown. Today, interest in ancestry and genealogy is more widespread and many people want to know who they were related to and get an idea of their family tree. With DNA ancestry testing and other DNA tests today available determining and mapping ancestry has become easier and more reliable for genealogists. Many companies offer ancestry testing to show you your deep genetic origins, not linking you back a century or two but taking you back thousands of your to the anthropological groups your genes belong to. If you want to learn more about specific ancestor, perhaps, trying to map your family tree then you might want to look into the following:

  • Historical records on marriage
  • Births, Divorce and separation,
  • Citizenship and Naturalization records and documents- this just to mention a few. You may also want to seek the help of a genealogist to assist.

If you would like to learn more about your ancient ancestry and link this to your very own genes, then why not read more on our DNA ancestry testing?


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