easyDNA now provides DNA Paternity Testing in Illinois, including Chicago and other main urban cities.

The capital of the Midwestern United States is Chicago situated within the state of Illinois. Historically rich due to its migration of millions of foreigner immigrants, Chicago has always been a prominent center of entertainment, jazz music, performing arts and a tourist attraction for visitors from all over the world. The city itself has over 2.7 million inhabitants with a metropolitan area exceeding over 9 million residents. Illinois has been considered as a state with diverse economic sectors which include medical research, agriculture, manufacturing, service corporations, banking and investment firms. Illinois is one of the coldest states in the continental United States with very warm summers and very cold winters, with high degrees of volatility between seasons and unexpected changes in temperature all year around. Tourism in Chicago is prevalent during the spring and winter, with many different attractions including Piers, parks, museums, theaters and music festivals. Another favorite aspect about Illinois is its cuisine, with many authentic dishes such as the Chicago-style Stuffed pizza and hot dog, the Italian beef sandwich and other specialties.

Choosing easyDNA will not only bring you satisfaction out of the reliable and discreet DNA analysis you will carry out, but also from the professional and thorough customer service you will receive throughout, from our genetic consultants who are consistently ready to assist you with advice on any of your requirements when carrying out your DNA Paternity test in Illinois.


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