The decision to enter a country with the intention of living there permanently is called immigration. Immigration is constantly in the increase in many industrialized countries as people seek improved opportunities and to join relatives who are already living in the country. Immigration is made easier if one has a living relative in the country they wish to settle in. Many times they can carry out DNA tests to prove there is a genetic link between people.The USA has a regular migration flow from many countries, but one of the most significant ones is Mexico, with which the USA shares its largest border.

People wishing to immigrate to the United States need to pick a DNA testing service that is approved by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service/Department of Human Services. The most commonly used services are the paternity and maternity test, however, DNA testing companies will often choose to test grandparents, uncles and other relatives. Once you have ordered a kit, it will need to be picked up through the embassy who will arrange someone to take the samples for you. Click on Immigration DNA Testing for further information on immigrating to the United States.


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