EasyDNA is now delighted to offer DNA paternity testing services in the state of Indiana, focusing on providing the best customer service with the most reliable and discreet testing methods available. EasyDNA offers its entire range of tests for people living in the state of Indiana.

Most recently EasyDNA has introduced a paternity test in pregnancy that is used only samples of maternal blood. This highly advanced DNA test means that pregnant mothers do not have to worry about any risks as this test we offer is a zero risk test.

Indiana is one of the most friendly and culturally diverse states in the whole United States. The state has had a very unique cultural history in terms of colonization and migration from habitants and residents of other surrounding states. The Great Depression which took place in the 1930’s greatly affected Indiana as well as World War II. However, with the right determination, government aid and human capital, the state became an industrial and service-based economy providing visitors and residents many cultural and recreational activities meant to be enjoyed. Indiana’s largest city, Indianapolis, is the center of the most exquisite restaurants that offer many distinctive cuisines from all over the world. Indianapolis has been consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live due to its friendly population, vibrant lifestyle, job and business opportunities, parks and recreational activities; lifestyle amenities that you cannot find in all U.S. cities or states. Visitors are highly encouraged to visit Indianapolis’ downtown, local museums, galleries, theaters and the world famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway for one of the fastest and exhilarating NASCAR races in the world.

When choosing EasyDNA in Indiana for your DNA Analyses, you can rest assured knowing that you are leaving your testing in good hands and are guaranteed to be satisfied with our cordiality, professionalism and high level of dedication. DNA paternity testing in Indiana will meet every one of your personal or professional needs.


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