easyDNA is now happy to announce DNA paternity testing services in the state of Missouri, applying all the latest advanced technologies in order to provide the best level of reliability.

Missouri is the main icon of the Midwestern United States which has been predominantly famous for its place in the historic culture of Midwestern films, novels, tales and literature. Previously habituated by indigenous people, Missouri emerged as a settlement dominated by the French Canadian settlers until it was acquired through the Louisiana Purchase by the United States. Missouri is home to over 6 million inhabitants and has one of the highest energy producing companies nationwide, providing its residents stable career and business opportunities with a very pleasant climate throughout the whole year. The economy of Missouri has always remained stable with a very low unemployment rate compared to other states and the nationwide average. Two of the major cities in the state are St. Louis and Kansas City, which offer many places to eat as well as outdoor recreational activities such as horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking and cultural centers. Visitors can delight themselves with many open markets, music festivals and historic sites that are located in the surrounding areas of Kansas City and St. Louis. Missouri has also been categorized as one of the safest states nationwide.

easyDNA is committed to offering the most reliable and effective DNA Analyses services. Providing complete discretion and great customer service for all you DNA paternity testing needs in the state of Missouri.


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