easyDNA now offers reliable and confidential DNA Paternity testing in the state of Texas, including but not limited to the main metropolitan areas such as Houston and Dallas but also to other cities and large towns within the state.

Texas is the largest state by landmass and the second most populous in the US with a population surpassing the 25 million habitants. Known for its culturally diverse population, and iconic features throughout American History, Texas has been always associated with the Mexican American War during its colonization period. Small regions of Texas belonged once to Mexico and Spain, in which later were gained by the Unites States as sovereign territories encompassing the entire state. The state emerged due to its rapidly growing population, especially in the cities of Houston, Dallas and Austin, and provided economic growth in the areas of energy, technology, commerce and manufacturing. Texas is now a hub for visitors and businessmen from all over the world who enjoy the great weather, atmosphere and lots of opportunities that continue to grow in the state at very rapid levels.

When you choose easyDNA for your DNA Analysis or Genetic Analysis, you’ll know that you are in good hands. Our level of experience and professionalism will noted from the very start as you consult with our genetic consultants. Our commitment to you is to offer you the most reliable and accurate results. When carrying out your DNA Paternity test in Texas we will make sure to respect your confidentiality making your experience with us is one that leaves you feeling confident and satisfied.


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