easyDNA is now providing DNA Paternity Testing in Washington state. The residents are now able to access the highest standard in genetic analysis with the most accurate results possible.

Washington State is unlike any other state within the Northwest region of the country. Its peculiar geographical and climate characteristics differentiate it from any other region within the United States, with very mountainous terrain, valleys, waterfalls and a true key essence of temperate weather. Washington State is unique due to its cool climate and heavy rainfall; there are no more than 35 to 40 days per year which are sunny due to the state’s close proximity to the North Pole. In the state’s economy, Washington is the center for technological research in all aspects from computers all the way to biomedical research. Professionals, scientists and engineers are predominantly based in Washington due to the number of jobs and industries focused on the entire state. Visitors can enjoy the magnificent views from the city of Seattle, which include Puget Sound and main touristic attractions. Another popular tourist attraction is the Boeing Field Factory in the outskirts of Seattle, which is the location where Boeing commercial planes are manufactured. Tourists can also enjoy recreational activities such as fishing, kayaking and other watersports due to the close proximity of Seattle to surrounding bays as well as the Pacific Ocean.

easyDNA offers the possibility to access to one of the most reliable DNA Analysis services available throughout the country. Our Genetic consultants will guide you through your particular case making sure to assist you during the whole process while DNA Paternity Testing in Washington is being carried out. Truly on of the best you can choose.


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