Post-mortem DNA testing has been carried out on Osama Bin Laden (1957-2011). The man behind the heinous attacks on the New York Twin Towers and possible several other terrorist attacks has been killed in his hide-out in Pakistan in an operation carried out by Americans that was so secret that not even the Pakistani government knew.

Bin Laden Bio Sketch

Originally from Saudi Arabia, Bin Laden came from an extremely wealthy Saudi family. Over the course of his life he amassed huge wealth using much of it to fund his terrorist groups, training, plotting and executing attacks. His mother divorced shortly after his birth and re-married. Osama moved in with her and was raised in a household with 3 half-brothers and one-half sister. He went to university but according to sources, never completed his course. His main interest was religion and he assiduously studied the Quran. Osama Bin Laden has had 6 wives.

His beliefs where fundamental; he was ruthless and combined violent Jihad ideology with Sharia law. He believed that many injustices to Muslims had been caused by the USA and other non-Muslim states. To set things right, he set up his terrorist group with an aim to destroy the US and also the state of Israel.

DNA Testing on Bin Laden Post Mortem

The first method used to determine whether the body was really that of infamous Bin Laden was facial recognition. Analysis of photos, comparisons and special computerized systems of superimposing features to determine a match were used. Also, one of Bin Laden’s wives’s assisted the US in identifying the body.

Relationship DNA tests: during the course of the fight on terrorism, American secret services had collected many DNA samples from Bin Laden’s family. One of the samples’ belonged to Bin Laden’s sisters. A DNA sibling test comparing the DNA profile of sister and brother (ie Bin laden) can easily establish whether the two are really biological siblings; the result of the test in fact confirmed this further confirming that it was Bin Laden’s body.

DNA testing is highly accurate and reliable and has confirmed with an accuracy of 99.9% that the man shot at the Pakistan compound was in fact, Osama Bin Laden. Following Muslim burial rites, the body of the terrorist was buried at sea. DNA testing has thus, conclusively confirmed the identity of the dead man, Osama Bin Laden.



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