The Hollywood gossip tongues have been wagging lately and it’s not for a dog DNA test, no they want to find out if Rob Kardashian really is father of Blac Chyna’s baby as she protests it is. The couple have been filming their new reality entertainment series ‘Rob and Chyna’ produced by Kris Jenner and viewers have watched the couple’s tempestuous relationship hit the rocks week by week.

The pregnancy seems to have placed even more strain on the already mismatched pair as they are filmed constantly bickering about every detail of their lives. Apparently Rob Kardashian’s mother and his sisters are demanding Blac Chyna undergo a lie detector test and eventually for the baby and the alleged father (her son Rob Kardashian) take a home paternity test. There have been rumours of Blac Chyna meeting with singer Pilot Jones in Atlanta during a rough patch with Rob and some believe the rapper to be the real baby daddy. But you have to ask are these just cruel rumours whipped up to create PR for the couple’s show?

This kind of paternity test once the baby is born is fairly straightforward and involves the alleged father and (with the mother’s consent) the baby, to have cheek swabs taken and analysed for a DNA match. Fans of the Kardashian sisters have taken sides with the girls who it seems have never accepted Blac Chyna as a sister in law and have been vocal about their distrust of the z list reality star in that she is not good enough for their little brother. It comes as no surprise to viewers that the girls have spoken out about how they don’t feel she is ‘right’ for their troubled brother who has battled with his weight and anxiety issues for years. An insider revealed:

“If Blac Chyna’s baby is not Rob’s, there will be hell to pay and Rob’s sisters will make sure that Blac Chyna is destroyed. They will make sure that she is left in financial ruin, and that she will never work in this industry again.”

Most people just hope that the child is his and that the couple can go on with their lives and live in peace and perhaps by creating a family for themselves it will lead to a healthier relationship in the process. It could be the best thing for them, to take a paternity test, clear up the rumours once and for all and then get on with their lives. However selling their private lives on a tawdry reality show will not help matters.


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