Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the sex of your baby before it is born? A boy or girl gender prediction test can really give you the answer. Perhaps somewhat gender biased and out-dated to talk of the pink and blue distinction but it works and remains so obviously ingrained that we understand exactly what is being referred to straight away.

Boy a Girl? Order your Test today and Find out!!

Would you rather wait or just do a cabbage test or a Drano test or some other at home test. You can even do a baby gender DNA test – but the test you do really depends on how seriously you plan taking the result of the test. Picture doing an at home test such as the cabbage test- the test tell you that you will have a baby boy. You and your partner immediately go out and shop for everything for a baby boy. You even paint the bedroom the colours you feel would be more suited to a boys room- then the baby is born!! Alas, it is a girl.

It would make more sense to do a DNA baby gender test. This would be especially true if you plan making big decisions prior to the birth of the child. In some cases, expectant mother have done a DNA test to surprise their partners with the result. Boy or Girl Baby gender predictor tests are the ones to rely on if you plan making plans following results of a gender test.