Many DNA testing companies now offer cheap paternity testing. Paternity testing can have a dramatic impact on people’s lives and thus, there is reason to take such a test very seriously. The huge increase in demand for DNA tests means companies providing this test have mushroomed and this is one reason why the costs have fallen.

Many people may associate the phrase “cheap paternity testing” with testing that does not meet an adequate standard. Moreover, when it comes to life changing decisions like doing a paternity DNA test, the issue of standards and quality is even more important. Making sure the DNA testing company you choose has either ISO 17025 or AABB means that all laboratory testing is carried out in laboratories that display the highest competence when carrying out these tests.

The number of years of cumulative experience the company has will also testify to the reliability and accuracy of results and of the company itself. Many companies also recommend the testing of the mother’s sample as they understand this will ensure the highest and most accurate results. A paternity test done with the mother’s sample will offer an inclusion rate of paternity of no less than 99.99% or higher. Without the mother’s sample, the accuracy of the test falls marginally to 99.9%. For a paternity test, the optimal number of genetic markers that needs to be tested is 21; some companies test less- this could compromise the accurace of your results.

If you are seeking a legal paternity test, you should make sure to use a laboratory that is accredited as this will make sure sample collection follows a very strict chain of custody and you can then go on to present these in a court of law.

The bigger the laboratories, the more tests they can carry out and thus, it is likely that their prices will be lower. It is not a matter of making a choice of cost or quality. easyDNA offers cheap paternity testing, carried out in accredited labs and with high levels service by a competent technical support team.


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