Ariel Castro of the Cleveland kidnappings has already been arrested and police and courts are proceeding with his respective charges in order to bring a conclusion to these bizarre crimes that he committed – kidnapping, raping and holding three women in captivity for more than a decade. Apparently, police reports have confirmed that Castro had a daughter with one of the women whom he kidnapped, Amanda Berry, and the daughter is currently six years old. 

According to numerous media and police reports, Ariel Castro has already been given a paternity test in order to confirm and verify the biological paternity of the daughter he had with Amanda Berry. It is of utmost importance that a paternity test be given to the kidnapped women in order to verify the relationship to the child – reason being that Castro raped all three of them during their long kidnapping.

DNA paternity test technologies have been developed to the point where access and availability of these tests are widely distributed across the world for effective and rapid use. The results of DNA paternity tests are quickly given out by most professional laboratories, and their respective use has grown immensely in crime-related events, such as these kidnappings.

The Cleveland police department and current investigations have determined that paternity tests given to Ariel Castro will also help their ability to be used in other crimes. These kidnappings have gathered so much media attention, that several DNA paternity tests will be given to Ariel Castro for other related crimes committed several years ago.

Ariel Castro now faces numerous rapes, kidnappings and aggravated murder charges where the court proceedings have already given him an $8 million bail, in which $2 million corresponds to each kidnapping for a total of three kidnappings, hence the total bail amount. Several police reports and the family of the victims demand justice to be served by applying the death penalty to the fullest extent of law.

The DNA paternity tests, several other investigations and accumulated evidence so far, will give us an insight toward the respective charges and penalties that Ariel Castro will have to face for the rest of his life after committing this crime. Numerous reports have also given a call of attention to Ariel Castro’s mental stability and erratic behaviour throughout most of his life.


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