DNA testing will be used in court to support the case against 7 men from the state of Texas who are being charged with raping an 11 year old girl. DNA Testing is being carried out by the DPS the Texas Department of Public safety and all forensic DNA evidence is being taken into account for the case.

The accused range in age – the oldest one being 27 years old. The rape took place in abandoned trailer and all men are faced with charges of aggravated assault. It is suspected that more men may have been involved in the rape, in fact up to 19 men and boys. The scale of the heinous act has divided the town of Cleveland, a town of around 9,000 residents. The girl’s families have actually left the town of Cleveland approximately 50 miles North East of Houston, Texas following phone threats they received. The girl is currently living in foster care.

Judge Morefield, the judge overseeing and in charge of the case has placed a gag on the court proceedings which means that very little information has seeped out into the media about what is really happening in court. There could be up to 19 men involved in the rape however, whether they will be enough evidence to convict them all or to prove them guilty is still to be seen. Until now it seems 7 men are facing trial. However, court hearing will not go ahead unless DNA testing has been completed and can consequently be used in court to support the case.

Of the 19 men involved, 15 were over the age of 18 but below the age of 27 and only 3 were considered juveniles. The investigation only took place following reports by a fellow student who had seen a video taken using a cell phone of a girl being raped in a trailer. The girl, now in foster care, has not yet been reunited with her family. DNA testing will ensue; the court case has been scheduled for October the 13th.


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