Welcome to the easyDNA Blog on Paternity Testing

easyDNA has been involved in the field of DNA testing and paternity testing for many years and we have serviced thousands of clients all over the world. The company operates directly in over 14 countries and offers its services in five main languages. We are therefore highly experienced in this field and would like to share some of our knowledge through this blog to assist persons looking to do a DNA test to better understand how it works and what to look out for.

A paternity test is the most accurate method for confirming the biological relationship betwen the alleged father and a child. The test is now performed all over the world as it becomes more widely available – and has been accepted universally both by the public as well as legal and governmental institutions.

If you find the information of interest, or have any comments or suggestions to make, please leave us a comment! If you want to do discuss your particular paternity testing requirements or case, we recommend that you call us directly or send us an email [email protected]


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