Boots, the biggest UK pharmacy chain, has started providing over the counter paternity tests. The online paternity test has been available for years with many well-established companies operating solely online but having it available at your Boots high street pharmacy is recent.

Going into a pharmacy and asking for a paternity test- well some people might cringe at the idea but on the whole, for many doing this would be no big deal. People walk in and ask for pregnancy tests and contraceptive all the time without batting an eyelid.

Both the online paternity test and the OTC DNA paternity test offer a customer care service in case you have problems. With an online paternity test, you usually discuss your case with somebody before receiving your kit. Often people need much reassurance and guidance and prefer to talk to someone about exactly what their requirement are- they tend to often need the guidance and reassurance of discussing their case with somebody.

The availability of paternity testing has planted the seed of doubt in the minds of many fathers and mothers. The fact that it is so readily available, now even at your local pharmacy, means you might decided to pick up the kit while standing at the pharmacy counter- when your original intention was just to buy a box of throat lozenges. For some, the basis of trust and commitment in a relationship has been breached with the availability of these DNA tests, whether online of OTC. Whether paternity testing is to the genuine benefit of a child is another issue. Of course the younger the child the less the impact. An infant will not likely suffer the same psychological consequences of a teenager.

With an over the counter test you can just walk into the pharmacy and pick up the kit. You do not need to worry about postage times or anonymity issues. Online paternity testing has the advantage of being done from home- you do not need to go out and actually go to a pharmacy. Depending on the situation, different people will find different advantages in either the over the counter paternity test and the online paternity test.


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