Ozzy Osbourne has had his DNA testing completed. Born in Aston, Birmingham, Ozzy Osbourne is now in the pages of heavy metal history as one of the most successful rock stars to ever have lived. He first started off with his band “Black Sabbath” and has survived and thrived on the music scene for decades down the line.

Why Ozzy’s DNA? Well it is clear to most. His debauched life style, alcoholism and drug use leave many wondering at how his made it to his current age – 62. Ozzy himself has expressed his surprise ( to say the least ) at how he has survived for 40 years living the kind of life style he led.

The DNA test was carried out using a blood sample taken from Ozzy. In terms of Ozzy Osbourne’s ancestry, it has been shown that his ancient ancestor is the Neanderthal man- or in other words- a cave man. This might come as no surprise to some people. But this was not all that his ancestry DNA testing showed, it also showed he is related, being a distant ancestor, of Tsar Nicholas II or Russia and King George the I. He also shares some of his DNA with the ancient Romans.

Ozzy’s Alcoholism

Ozzy’s DNA test has shown that he carried a gen which makes his body better at breaking down the toxins in alcohol. Ozzy has often admitted and is well known for excessive drinking- sometimes up to several bottles of heavy spirits in a night. While this gene makes his body better and more efficient at breaking alcohol down, it also makes him more likely to get addicted to it. Ozzy Osbourne is yet another celebrity figure who has done a DNA test.


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