Paternity Test Information

Having a paternity test done is so simple. There are many random companies out there offering their tests and all competing for your attention so not surprisingly, for many the choice is baffling.

Doing a paternity test is not simple matter. Many people do not feel they know enough about the test and are skeptical about the standards of the lab doing the testing- one of the first questions they typically ask is “are the results reliable?” or “how can I be sure the results are correct?”. These are all very legitimate questions and rightly so. The results of a paternity DNA test might change your life. Also, you need to decide whether you need a home paternity test or legal paternity test.

The first thing you need to keep your eyes open for is the lab accreditation. This means that your test results will be reliable and you need not worry about whether they are correct- they will be definitely as accurate and reliable as possible. The accreditation you need to watch out for is ISO 170 25.

After that you can just go for gut instinct; what the customer service team sound like and how quickly they call you back. How organized and how much information does the web site give? Is it slap-dash and full of errors? How many days will you have to wait for your results?  DNA paternity testing is not as difficult as it all sounds; laboratory testing is complex but what the client needs to do for the paternity test is simple.


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