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EasyDNA keeps adding more and more articles as progress and changes are made in the fields of genetic testing. These updates are important because you can remain au-courant with new tests available such as the Predisposition DNA test, a new test which can tell you what your likelihood of getting certain genetic diseases is. If you have heard about any celebrities that have done DNA tests such as Keanu Reeves, you can read about them here. Moreover, you will find articles about how to take DNA samples and important issues to bear in mind when thinking of doing a DNA test.

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DNA Paternity Test Articles

Which Celebrities used Paternity DNA test kits to solve Paternity disputes?

Can Twins Have Different Races? Marcia and Millie Briggs Story.

Can You Contaminate A Paternity Test?

Can a Man Force a Woman to Take a Paternity Test?

Evolution Of DNA Paternity Testing

DNA Sampling On A Newborn Infant

Cleveland Kidnappings: DNA Paternity Tests used in Investigations

Defining and Understanding a Declaration of Paternity

DNA Testing Biologically Related Fathers

OTC Paternity Testing or Online Paternity Testing

Cheap Paternity Testing in the US

Five Aspects of DNA Paternity Tests You Should Know About

Father Deceased - Can Paternity be Established?

Establishing Paternity when Alleged Father Unavailable

Reasons For Using DNA Paternity Tests

Worldwide Increase in DNA Testing for Paternity Recorded

Using DNA Paternity Tests to Combat Paternity Fraud

Growing Demand for DNA Testing Globally

Does COVID-19 Affect DNA Paternity Results?

The Paternity Test Kit

DNA Paternity Testing in Brief

The at home paternity testing kit

DNA Testing for Paternity in Poland

Paternity Test Information

Paternity testing- From Blood Groups to PCR

All you need to know about paternity testing

Does a Paternity Test Give a Father Rights?

Thinking of Prenatal Paternity testing? Know Some basic Information

New and Improved Paternity Tests

Cheating in a Paternity test (Part II)

Cheating in a Paternity Test (Part I)

Rick Ross’s Paternity Test Results - Whose the Daddy?

Paternity DNA testing: Basic Information

Using Cell Free Fetal DNA in Blood to Determine Paternity

Welcome to the easyDNA Blog on Paternity Testing

Test Genético de Paternidad Prenatal No Invasivo en Ecuador

Tipos de Pruebas de Paternidad Prenatales en Guatemala

Pruebas de Paternidad en Perú

Pruebas Legales de Paternidad

Test Genético de Paternidad en Chile

Derechos de un Test de Paternidad en Colombia

DNA Testing Articles

Invasive and Non Invasive Prenatal Testing Infographic

DNA and Genetic Genealogy

Changing the Name on a Birth Certificate – You may need a Paternity test

Suspected Incest? DNA Testing Might Help

Baby DNA in Government Database?

Cat DNA Testing - Testing the Quadrupeds in your Family

How The DNA Test Can Solve Your Unanswered Questions

Don’t Guess If Your Lover Is a Cheater – Get the Facts With a DNA Test

The DNA Sibling Test

Pros And Cons To Home DNA Tests for Paternity

Important Information About DNA Maternity Tests

What Factors Determine The Cost Of A DNA Test?

Science vs Religion and DNA Tests

Child Swapping at Birth: DNA Tests Solve Cases

DNA Testing – DIY Sampling

Long-Lost Sisters Reunited Through DNA Testing


Everything You Need to Know About Hair Drug Tests

How to Lose Weight in 1 Week - Drop Pounds Quickly

Characteristics That Make-Up The DNA

Could Medications Impact Your DNA Results?

Understanding Autism: What You Need to know

DNA Profiling 101

DNA Test For Ethnicity At Your Own Home

DNA Test when Pregnant

A Diet that works Hand in Hand with your Genes?

Is it Genealogy or Ancestry?

Old Wives' Tales to Know if it's a Boy or a Girl

What is a DNA siblings Test?

Baby DNA profile mapped from womb

Understanding Paternity Fraud

Why is my DNA test result delayed?

Future Challenges Over Use of Legal DNA Tests

Dog DNA Testing: What is it?

Is it Possible to Cheat a Hair Drug Test?

EasyDNA Ofrece Los Test De ADN En Latinoamérica

Test Genético de Prevención de Enfermedades en Guatemala

Toma De Las Muestras de ADN

Finding Adoptive Siblings

Cómo Se Analizan Los Test Genéticos Moleculares

Cuando Saber El Sexo del Bebé

Oldest Siblings: First born, second born and the baby one

Identical Twins: Genetic and Cultural Differences

Test de ADN Que Le Dirá Si Es Niño o Niña

Qué es el ADN

La Clave Para Saber Si Su Pareja Le Es Infiel en Colombia

Benefits Of Using A Home DNA Paternity Testing Kit

Pruebas Para Saber Su Salud en Ecuador

DNA testing in animal industry

Finding your Maternal and Paternal Ancestors

Immigration and Naturalisation: Taking a DNA Test

A New Dimension to Art with DNA Art

Genetic Health And Predisposition To Alzheimer’s

Fetal DNA in Maternal Urine for Baby Gender

3 Misconceptions You Might Have About Drug Testing

DNA Testing in the News

Blac Chyna’s baby: Paternity Test for Rob Kardashian

Long-Lost Sisters Reunited Through DNA Testing

Anonymous Donors Fund Cold Case Infants’ DNA Testing

Feds Halt 23&Me DNA Testing for Health

New study reveals surprising amount of Neanderthal DNA in modern African populations

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Drug Tests

DNA Collection Law in California Put to Legal Test

Maternal Blood Samples to Establish Paternity of Fetus

DNA Evidence in Gang Rape of 11 year old girl in Cleveland, Texas

Osama Bin Laden: DNA Testing to Confirm Identity

The Meredith Kercher trial - claims of contamination of forensic DNA sample

Reeves takes DNA paternity test

EasyDNA invited to Malaysian talk show Selamat Pagi Malaysia to discuss its Diet and Nutrition DNA test

DNA Evidence Collected From Known Pedophile Could Aid Investigators In Madeleine McCann Case

Rep. Cohen’s Long Lost Daughter Not His

Fatal Hit-and-Run Case of Police Officer Solved with DNA Test

Determine your Paternity by a Blood Type Chart

A brief explanation of Chromosomes and Genes

easyDNA launches it’s Facebook Page

Court Ruled in Favor of a Korean Adoptee

easyDNA offering Paternity Testing in the USA in Spanish

Boy or Girl Baby Gender Predictor Test: Pink or Blue?

Justin Bieber: Latest on Paternity Testing Lawsuit

Muammar Gaddafi dead- Any DNA Tests carried out?

Health Genetic Testing: Know More about the Test

Ozzy Osbourne does DNA Test

Hitler: DNA Ancestry Testing

Matthew Knowles has taken a Paternity DNA Test

Investigators Following New DNA Evidence In Madeleine McCann Case

DNA Testing – Texas Looking to Increase Numbers of DNA Samples in Database

Nigeria: Pfizer Requests Victims to Undergo DNA Test in Order to Claim Compensation

Jury Deadlock in New York Prostitute Murder Case over Forensic Test

Alarms, Guard dogs and Cat DNA

Junk DNA: Exploring New Boundaries in Genetics

Norfolk Man Exonerated by DNA Testing Evidence Gets Full Pardon

Further DNA testing on remains believed to be Alice Donovan

Angelina Jolie, Genetic Testing and a Potential Monopolized Industry

Oprah Winfrey may need Paternity DNA Test

easyDNA Ireland featured on Midland 103 Radio

The Connection Between Genetics and Suicide

Amanda Knox: Review of DNA Testing and Forensic Evidence in the Case

Remains of Ceausescu undergo DNA Testing

easyDNA featured in New Zealand's Popular 20/20 Show

Surrogacy DNA Testing: When is it Used?

easyDNA DNA test kit featured in Australia's Home and Away


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