Why use a legal test?

Due to New York State Department of Health regulations, we cannot offer any peace of mind paternity or relationship tests to New York residents. However, we can offer legal paternity and relationship tests in New York. Contact us or click here for more information.

The necessity for a legal DNA test can in fact arise in many legal situations including paternity claims, child custody decisions, child support payments, disputes over inheritance claimants and immigration cases (visit our DNA immigration testing page for more information).

Legal DNA testing is very different to home paternity testing. Testing that is carried out for legal purposes and not simply informational use, follows a process that is different, with a different sample collection procedure and the results.  The process utilized in executing a legal DNA test involves a very strict chain of custody compliance with a particular focus on the collection of samples. However, do not worry as our expert case managers will provide you with all the necessary assistance throughout the entire process.

The price for a legal DNA paternity test is $279. Once testing is finalised the legal DNA test results are emailed within 3-5 working days. This does not include any additional fees charged by the 3rd party person who must collect your samples (more information on this below).

EasyDNA recommends legal testing only in cases which require a court admissible or legal valid result. If you simply have doubts about the issue of paternity, we suggest starting with a peace of mind/ home paternity test.

The Chain of Custody

The key to a legal DNA test being viable in a legal proceeding is the process of collection of the DNA samples.  If the collection of these samples is not verified and performed properly the results of the test will be declared legally void.  To ensure a proper and legal DNA test, a neutral 3rd party is in charge to collect your DNA; this person is known as the “Sampler”.  The sampler may be a nurse, doctor, or other medical professional who can perform the sample collection and legally declare how they collected the samples and guarantee their integrity.

You have the choice to select an unrelated 3rd party sample collector of your choice, or if you are located in the United States, we can organise for your samples to be collected by a Professional DNA Sample Collector. A Case Manager will contact you before the DNA sample collection kit is shipped to make sure everything is in order.

NOTE: If you to choose to proceed with your own sampler then you need to provide EasyDNA with the address of your chosen sampler. We will send our sample collection kit straight to the sampler. You will then simple need to organize an appointment for the collection.

What you will need to take

  • 2 passport size photos of each person being tested.
  • Photos must be of the face only and no disguising elements such as sunglasses or hats may be present in the photo.
  • An identification that is legally recognized and government issued such as a driver’s license, passport, National ID card, or military ID.  In the case of any children being tested, a valid and certified birth certificate copy must be brought.

The sampler must, prior to sending off the samples, take each passport photo and endorse it using a standard legal statement used in such cases. The sampler must sign and date the photos and declare that the photos provided genuinely portray the same people who have submitted samples for the test.

How to collect DNA samples
Home Paternity Test

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