A new office has been opened in India by top DNA testing firm easyDNA, allowing them to make their first incursion with their services into Asia.

New York, USA – 01/06/2008 Top DNA testing firm easyDNA has announced the opening of an office in Nagercoil, India, the first Asian country they have been involved in. Situated in the southernmost state of Tamil Nadu, the Indian office will offer a full range of easyDNA services throughout the subcontinent, with most focus on their DNA Paternity Testing, DNA Forensic Testing and DNA Relationship Tests. The local office staff has been trained in dealing with customer queries such as how DNA testing works, and what it can be used for, how to place orders and how to use the testing kits and return the samples for analysis.

A dedicated website for DNA testing in India has been simultaneously set up, intended only for the Indian market. This also provides full details about DNA screening, its uses and the various types of test available. It offers pricing details in local currency for the various tests, and information on ordering and delivery. Orders for testing kits can be placed online from the website, and paid for by credit card.  However, because not everybody in India has a credit card, arrangements have been made for payment by banker’s draft and also by depositing money in local bank accounts.

The Sales and Marketing Manager of easyDNA, Andrew Alexander, was delighted with the new office in spite of some problems a country such as India can provide. He says: “India is a very large country, presenting us with severe logistics problems, and it also consists of diverse cultures. These problems were challenges that we were up to resolving, and we are able to provide our clients with the best possible service. It is part of our business for easyDNA to continuously improve to provide all of our customers the best genetic testing services irrespective of where they are in the world.  This new venture in India is exciting and a large step forward for easyDNA.”

If you require a DNA test in India, we recommend you contact the office directly.


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