easyDNA, the international DNA relationship testing company, has announced a rapid increase in demand for DNA testing of the deceased since the introduction of their advanced forensic DNA testing services earlier in 2009.

NEVADA, USA 27/02/2009:  easyDNA has announced that testing samples of deceased persons has grown considerably since the launch of their advanced forensic DNA testing services.  The main reason has been that surviving relatives want to prove their relationship to the deceased, more often than not for inheritance purposes. The advanced services allows more sophisticated equipment to obtain viable DNA from samples that are in less than perfect condition, standard techniques being less reliable for such samples.

Such samples will be subject to tests, the results of which will be provided as evidence of a relationship (or otherwise) in court. Not all advanced forensic DNA testing is carried out to prove a relationship – some are carried out to deny one. Irrespective of the purpose, the results will not be valid in court without a secure chain of custody of the samples to prevent the possibility of interference. That involves notarization and witnessing of the samples, identification of the donor (deceased or not) and transport of the samples to the laboratory by courier. The same chain of custody must be continued within the laboratory, until the results have been obtained and provided to the court. Samples for an exhumed body will normally be taken by a forensic pathologist.

According to EasyDNA International Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Alexander, “Many recent cases where advanced DNA testing has been necessary have involved an inheritance, where alleged relatives have claimed a share of the legacy. DNA testing is the only way in which these claims can be proved one way or another, and easyDNA has the equipment available to do this.  Where the samples are not fresh, the DNA can be difficult to extract and advanced DNA testing is highly recommended for accurate results.

easyDNA have sixteen offices sited around the world to cover a wide area, and we can offer a high quality DNA testing service worldwide. In addition to our new Advanced Forensic DNA Testing Service, we also offer DNA Paternity Testing, Standard DNA Forensic Testing and DNA Relationship Testing.  Our genetic identification equipment is of the highest quality possible and the quality of our testing systems have been audited and accredited to the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 17025.


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